Working Here

Image of inside office building

At ATC India, our culture is based on accountability, integrity, hard work and collaboration.

Our employees are hands-on and have a positive attitude. ATC India is a dynamic and fast-paced organization looking for energetic, flexible and innovative people to join its team.

Grow Your Skills, Grow Your Career

ATC India is dedicated to providing continuous career development through self-study, web-based and instructor-led courses that help support one of the most talented workforces in the industry. We provide a wide array of tools and resources, including our online Development Center where employees can access training anytime, anywhere.

Caring About Our Communities

We take great pride in how our organization, led by teams of employees, demonstrates its commitment to the communities where we live and work. Every year ATC India, as part of its Philanthropic Signature program, focuses on providing internet based high-quality education to the under privileged children in areas where we operate.

As part of our global initiative called Green @ American Tower, we focus on reducing the environmental impact of the materials used in our daily operations by reducing, reusing and recycling. By changing our work practices just a bit, we can contribute to the greater good of conserving our natural resources and helping to improve the quality of the environment.

Ethical Business

As ATC India adapts to meet the needs of today’s business environment, one thing that never changes is our commitment to operating according to the highest ethical standards. At ATC India, our teams adhere to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy, acting ethically and with integrity with our customers, vendors, suppliers and communities where we do business. Ethics and integrity are not just woven into our policies, they are key parts of our Vision, Mission, Core Principles and Diversity Statement. These statements help define who we are and how we do business, and further provide a framework for the values that guide us. They are critical components of our culture.