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What current job opportunities does ATC India have?

We have career opportunities involving multiple locations and businesses/functions. Please write to us at to find the opportunity that is ideal for you.  

What happens after I send my résumé?

As soon as we receive your résumé, it will be reviewed by the recruitment and selection team. If there is a suitable vacancy for your profile, we will contact you. If there are no vacancies available, it will remain in our database for future opportunities.

How often should I send my résumé?

Once stored in our database, your résumé will be available for future opportunities. However, you may resend your résumé with any updated information.

How do I know that my résumé was received?

All emails that we receive are answered. So, even if there is no vacancy commensurate with your profile, you will receive a confirmation of your mail from ATC India.

By sending my résumé, will I be considered for opportunities across all regions of American Tower Corporation?

No. When you apply through this channel, your application will be considered only for vacancies at ATC India.

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