Reducing Our Energy Demands

At ATC India, we are mindful of our interaction with the environment. Our towers and infrastructure are situated among the areas where we all live, work and play and are part of the landscape that we all share.

We strive to operate in the most efficient manner possible to reduce our energy needs. In addition to employing modern, environmentally friendly practices, ATC India is working towards reducing overall energy demands and optimizing available resources in order to make a big impact. We also focus on regulatory compliance and safety and endeavor to minimize our impact on natural resources and wildlife.

Our Business

By its nature, our commercially shared business model reduces the environmental footprint of mobile networks. Providing shared wireless infrastructure space for multiple operators on towers or rooftops decreases overall number of sites needed and allows for shared utilities and fewer resources. Collocation helps preserve landscapes and conserves land for other use.

Technology Solutions

Inadequate and poor quality grid power in India is our well-known factor affecting network uptime and increased diesel consumption. It also increases carbon footprint, adversely affecting the environment and is a major concern. ATC India has initiated effective use of technology solutions to significantly reduce site energy demand and environmental impact. These initiatives include:

  • Energy Storage

    Initially, storage devices at sites were just a backup power for ensuring uninterrupted power to telecom equipment. Improvised storage devices with quick charge and deep discharge capability could also contribute in reduction of use of diesel generators at poor grid sites. We have adopted use of such batteries to eliminate use of diesel generators.

  • Demand Optimization

    In most of the earlier build telecom towers, telecom equipment is placed inside a shelter and air conditioners are used to maintain inside temperature. 30% of the energy consumption at an indoor site is towards running of air conditioners. Free Cooling units are a low cost and innovative solution, which helps in reducing energy demands. Free cooling units throw the inside air out and push in filtered fresh air from outside. Use of free cooling units along with setting higher shelter room temperatures has not only reduced energy consumption but also helped in reduction of running of diesel generators.

  • Alternate Energy

    ATC India is setting up captive hybrid solar system where diesel generators are running for longer duration with most of the power consumed sourced from solar and the grid power. A solar solution not only reduces the diesel consumption and associated maintenance costs but also serves to lower the carbon footprint. The project is ongoing with initial focus on towers that are off-grid and have higher diesel usage.

All technology initiatives and devices, independently and in combination, are focused towards reduction of energy demands.

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