ATC CSR Foundation India

We take great pride in how our organization demonstrates its commitment to the communities where we operate.

Our endeavor is to enhance value creation in the society and in the community, through our services, conduct and initiatives, so as to promote sustained growth for the society and community, in fulfilment of our role as a socially responsible corporate.

We have identified following focus areas for corporate social work to extend to entire geographic region of India including our sites and work stations:

  • Rural development and welfare projects including digital literacy and financial literacy, installation of ATM and micro-finance services, promoting telemedicine, e-commerce and e-governance projects for uplift of rural population;
  • Infrastructure support for safe drinking water and sanitation, promoting vocational skills/education and livelihood projects for underprivileged, slum and rural population;
  • Environmental sustainability by promoting renewal energy solutions including solar power, community plantation projects etc.

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